Our Story


Meet Manuel and Martha, the passionate owners, as they share their inspiring story in their own words.

 In March 2020, my brother offered a spontaneous adventure, free round trip tickets to Guatemala. An enthusiastic “yes” driven by my love for coffee quickly took the offer. That journey led me to De la Gente, a company deeply connected with local farmers, their plantations, and the intricate process of cultivating coffee. During an intimate tour, I immersed myself in their dreams of packaging their coffee and owning a coffee shop. The farmers’ generosity, demonstrating open-fire roasting and manual grinding, unveiled a profound love and passion that opened my eyes and humbled me.

Returning home, I shared my newfound dream with Manuel. As a persistent dreamer and firm believer, I kept pushing. In October 2020, we gathered everything my husband earned from his years in the oil industry and took a leap of faith, pouring it all into Segundo and we’re still here, pushing forward every single day.

From attending every market and event with a humble pushcart to acquiring equipment and scouting the perfect space, the journey brought us to Ironworks in November 2020. It all worked out because it was something we fervently wanted and refused to let slip away. The official grand opening finally unfolded in November 2021.

Entrepreneurship always beat in our hearts; it just needed the right moment to surface. Despite challenging moments, we press on, placing our trust in God to guide us through rocky times. The future is bright and we’re committed to giving it our best – a journey filled with dreams, determination, and a whole lot of love for coffee.